Open and closed syllables

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Open and closed syllables

Postby Valera » Mon Jul 03, 2006 9:26 pm

What does open and closed syllables mean?

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The Rule of the Open and Closed Stressed Syllable

Postby nikita » Tue Jul 04, 2006 3:49 pm

Hello, Valera

Here is the Rule of the Open vs. Closed Stressed Syllable for you.

The Open Syllable is the one that ends in a vowel. This syllable, according to the rule, must be read as in the English alphabet. (But please remember that there are loads exceptions to this rule!)

a /ei/

Cake, wake, take, famous, label, shame, radio, favour, safe, ...

o /ou/

Bone, tone, phone, home, focus, Dover, Rome, rove, abode, ...

e /i:/
Leaf, seed, fee, mere, compete, delete, deer, ...

i (y) /ai/
Die, dye, fine, rhyme, miner, quite, psyche, like, desire, admire, pride, etc.

The Closed Syllable is the one that ends in a consonant. The Closed Stressed Syllables have a special reading.

a (I cannot show the phonetic symbol here)
Fat, cat, lack, barrier, nagging, badminton, lap, ...

o /short "o" sound/
Hot, pot, lock, rock, rotten, possible, doctor, wash, ...

e /e/
Set, letter, deck, intelligent, egg, sell, petty, ...

i (y) /i/
Fish, quick, tick, sick, rid, bitter, mint, twist, lip, limbs, ...

Okay, I hope this somewhat helps.


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