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English Students' Funny Mistakes
  English Students' Funny Mistakes
English Students' Funny Mistakes

Created by: Nikita Kovalyov
Updated: July 2004

English Students' Funny Mistakes English Students' Funny Mistakes

This is a collection of funny mistakes made by learners of English as a second language on their English classes.

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  1. Submitted by:Dirce
    A friend in a restaurant:

    Waiter, Could you bring me some kidnaps, please?

  2. Submitted by: Simon D.
    From a student's essay:

    When I got home, I had a massage on the answering machine.

  3. Sent in a message by a technical support specialist:

    Feel free to contact me if you cause any problems.

  4. Said while talking about daily routines:

    In the morning, I get up at seven o'clock; clean my tooth;
    have breakfast; and go to work.

  5. Said by a student talking about differences between men and women:

    I like the opposite to sex very much.

  6. Written in a progress test by a sweet seventeen-year-old girl:

    I haven't had any male for more than a month.

  7. The phrase was said by a student who had just been given another
    handout at the end of the lesson:

    Excuse me. Is this the last shit for today?

  8. From a writing task in a progress test:

    I think that education in Ukraine is bed.

  9. A quite common mistake:

    She has a long black hair.
    He has short fair hairs.

  10. A typical mistake from a Headway Elementary Progress Test:

    They are like travelling by bus.


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